What is Mycelium?
Mycelium is the root-like fibres of fungi that grow beneath the ground. 

To create the solid material, the mycelium is combined with a substrate like dry plant matter which is the most abundantly available raw material on earth and can be sourced from local waste streams. 

The mycelium substrate is filled into a mould and left out of direct sunlight to ‘grow’ for 5 days. During this time, the mycelium ‘eats’ the substrate, combining it together like a natural glue, forming a solid material in the shape of the mould cavity. 

Growing mycelium has a very low carbon footprint as the mycelium itself is doing all the work instead of machinery. In addition to this, when producing one tonne of mycelium, two tonnes of CO2 are captured from the atmosphere.
I have been working with Grown.bio based in the Netherlands. They develop and grow a variety of mycelium products including furniture, packaging and sculptures.

To find out out more about how to mycelium works and it's capabilities check out their website below:
You can even try growing some mycelium yourself by ordering one of their GIY kits from their online shop!
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